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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

manastash ridge, again, again

sure, there is a past post on the manastash (dude, boring!) hike already.

rolling hills and clouds of table mountain

the stuarts at dusk

i was waiting on top of the ridge for some appropriate light in order to snap away one of the stuarts. i let the shutter go on a few occasions but in vain. climbing down back to the car i looked up just to rest my eyes from paying attention to the steep slopes of the ridge and saw a wide screen version of what's framed up here. that air layer, just half way across the photo, made all the difference i had hoped for when thinking of hauling my camera up the ridge. unlike the top of the ridge where i was able to find a good resting point to minimize the camera shake, the slopes were not that accommodating. i sat down on me butt, lifted my knees, rested my camera on one, hunched even more down to frame the shot and set the camera on automatic riffle mode hoping one snap would be least blurry and fired away. piloting speedily down the ridge just seconds ago, bodhi was sitting patiently next to me admiring the stuart mountains in the horizon. she did not have a camera.
those two windmills are just what the photo-doctor ordered.


  1. i likey the stuarts!!

  2. it's been my long-standing goal to take a decent snap of the stuarts for you tina. i know how much you like them.

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