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Thursday, October 28, 2010

a late august hike

this was my first hike not bathed in the sun, as far back as i can remember. what started as a cloudy day turned into a misty, drizzly and chilly early afternoon.
what a great day.
the vegetation was so lush green, wet, colors saturated. the sky misty white.
we walked fast to stay warm. and because these guys walk fast.

i just like that little stubborn snow patch, disconnected form the other, just hinted, up in the hill tops (bottom left). little baby glaciers. in late august. barely an hour away from e-burg, that little town located in the desert of the kittitas valley of central washington where i sleep well at night.
i wish the rain drops hitting the creek had survived the resized photo, shown bottom right. they speckle the beautiful gloom.

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