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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the olympic, part deux

bodhi politely requested more pictures of the dog. since she's been providing me lately with nothing but wonderfully dynamic photos i feel thankful to post the following from the trip to the olympic. why is no one asking for more photos of old zagreb as it once was free of protesters?

man, so true! these glaciers are melting like nobody's business... but warming climate's. even baby-glaciers are shrinking in late may like the one pictured above. the human (and dog, pictured on the left edge of the dying snow patch) carbon foot prints (as shown above) can seriously decrease a life span of such beautiful blue-eyed wonders of nature.
can i write for national geographic now, pleeeeease!?

wow! this one is bodhi-free! my appologies my peasant dog. i liked the photo lots so had to squeeze it in. i will pet you in return.

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  1. I like the picture of Bhodi running on the snow, her chest mixes with the mountains in the background, one in a million shots.