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Saturday, August 21, 2010

manastash ridge, again

i went up the manastash ridge again. no news here since climbing this neighboring topographic elevation is a part of my (weekly) exercise regimen. so i hauled a camera this time as well. the dog was setting the pace but only uphill.
i have another photo-set from the hike pending and it will be delivered into the void of the internet later. i was concerned to accidentally dilute the impact the sunset photography had on me this late sunday afternoon by publishing more photos. this is for me, let's say, a run-of-the-mill scenery (no, i don't climb the ridge every day), and it becomes harder for the accustomed eye to 'see' it.

the kittitas valley. it's really what it looks like: a valley sandwiched in between hills. the farther hill (whisky dick) hosts wind mills. i'll have to post some close ups of the wind mills. i had some on that website that is no longer with us. the other washington's ePower is water. power. i don't find dams particularly sexy to photograph so... oh, i do have a picture of a water turbine! what i liar! would post it but most likely will forget it by tomorrow morning.
the sunsets here are rich in color. the low-key mood of the photo was enhanced by slight underexposure.

not much to this one but i like the opposing diagonals from the top going down and then terminating with the two horizontal lines just above the tree in the down-right corner.  the two colored surfaces feature two slightly different textures. the houses are a touch up. the photo was photographed earlier in the evening than the top one.

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