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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

three studies

i decided to go back and try to do a little photography for a change. a little bit of studio still-life, if you like. still-life that surrounds me. studio being the kitchen.

really, a title?

bananas underlie one of their own, geologically speakin'

three little beans that got away

that day i received a fresh order of b&w film (also fresh) so fully excited, i picked up my digital camera and shot the above.
i call them studies to deflect the possible self-inflicted accusatory flack that the stills are mildly interesting but really "unfinished".
all the participants were hurt in the coda of the making of these photographs. the cereal severely decimated, bananas completely eaten, and the coffee beans ground and savored properly. one in the raw, just after the stint. such is the epilogue.
to see what happens when i finally come back to "normal" see a newer post, where available.

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