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Saturday, February 5, 2011

regal bodhi and tina

tina was not ready to be in the first photo. she did't mind me taking it though. i remember we'd just eaten and were taking it easy that day. i had my $1.49 camera on me and i liked what i saw as much as i like it now. bodhi's attention to the photographer is just so intense. i think she was confused by my lcd-less photo equipment. you are taking a photo with what? tina is mildly amused and quite relaxed.

girl with a dog (alternate title: she and hers)

the following photo is missing a nice, golden, old-school, and reasonably intricate frame. i thought of adding one but decided to rather write about it. she looks very royal; oil on canvas. she was pressured politely to be in the photo after a day of tackling oyster festivities.

inside an ice-cream parlor, arcata, ca

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