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Thursday, February 10, 2011

nature grab bag

there is that doubling of the foreground in the background while the background is veiled in the pacific coast fog on a sunny day. and that little splash of the pacific that crests there confined in-between the mountain slopes.
it is just another photo i glanced over when sorting the photos i had taken more than a year ago. coming in and out through my wallpaper randomizer and being stuck there (as if i were using a windows machine) for a week at a time made me take a long second look. i would think of the feeling as being of the sentimental nature.
it's fine if you just glaze over the photo too. i've done it so many times.

just off of 101. the coast of oregon

hrvoje liked the first in a post on the yakima river. i had that other photo up just as a filler for the bottom one i liked much, much more. but our tastes have diverged once again. i just don't understand how someone doesn't like the same things i do. call me crazy but that's just unbelievable. doctor, it's time for my medicine now!

an above-average tall evergreen tree attracts clouds

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