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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

oyster fest, arcata, ca

ok, now only this post on arcata oyster fest is separating us from a post on california beach stumps. woohoo!
a preamble to this one was given in an earlier post.

while the mother hips are contemplating their opening song in the background the next generation is already in the foreground.

i just had to have a picture of a human butterfly in my photo album of oyster-fest cali. there isn't only one reason to like california, my dear reader. life is good and we can all learn something form the human butterfly (and the fluffy, color-loving ballerina). photo by tina.

this is how oysters begin their digestion (wording deliberately misleading).  a camera of a friend framing it from one side and an amused friend, tech-free, recording it the old fashion way on the other.

a mother hips-er fully engaged. strumming away blindfolded against the arcata daylight skyline.

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