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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

around arcata, ca

it may be difficult to find the right blog words for the following photos: for the trip, festival, town, people, cali shores...
so i am starting out in my typical style: some beach and water masses. juxtaposed. believe me, it was hard to avoid shelling out photos of stumps on the beach right here at the beginning of the post. feel spared, for now.
from what i can see looking in the photo folder there should be several more posts on the arcata trip theme.
i am sure that the grandeur of the california cost cannot be sized down into these smaller-than-life photos. i assure you, they look majestic across the (big) screen. as any girl will tell you, the size matters.

one should consider buying some of my work before i become famous. and rich. and less happy.
i am already hard to deal with.

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