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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

rainier, revisited with now "fermented" photographs

i've got to break up this croatia-e-burg conspiracy. back to the volcano country! oh, wait, that leaves us back in washington. i've told you this is a heck of a state. no need for a holiday. you celebrate this place every day.

for a while now i've been realizing what would be a good number of pictures per post: 2. this should not surprise me. i've always wanted to mess with the diptych form too. cool it, i know what diptych is. what i mean is that there is a reason people figured out the power of two (and three, for that matter. and "the power of one"). i will try to shoot some original "diptych material" rather then just digging through my archive and assembling some.
so to sum up: a good number of photos per post is either three (3), two (2) or one (1). or any factorials (!) of the numbers listed.

oh, yes, the mt. rainier stuff. here it is with a "two". i have more numbers, i mean photographs...all clear?

there are first and second posts from the mt. rainier trip.

slopes of mt. rainier, just below camp muir.   mt. adams in the horizon.

i am always happy to be reminded how the color photography works the best when it's monochromatic. the photo may seem cheese. well, it is: the small format doesn't let you see that the bird is not an eagle or any other fowl of noble, and that it is carrying a piece of chips (or some food) in its beak, not an olive branch.
mt. st. helens in the background.

a special thanks to tina for pointing out that the bird was about to sweep in front of the camera/volcano. i had been busy looking for truly scarce beach stumps at this elevation.

technical note:
the photo was not taken with a telephoto; just the vanilla 50mm lens. i kept the 'af' separate from the shutter-release button function. since i was taking panoramic shots (as i frequently do) the focus, achieved once, stayed locked at infinity without hunting annoyingly while i was framing shots. you can imagine how much time there was to capture the shot. the camera wasn't ready, the person was.

to the croatia-e-burg conspiracy theory bearers: more of croatia and e-burg photography is about to splash your cyber-shores!

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