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Thursday, October 7, 2010

give it up for e-burg

i am happy to be back to central wa. so here you are:

i am sure there is e-burg somewhere in there

taking care of grass in a wa late summer afternoon

taken some time apart with different cameras on different film, these locations are close together in space. while i was framing (inner lines?) the bottom shot, the post and the wire were not in it. about to crop it out in post-processing it seemed to me that leaving them in would add a bit of charm to the photo.
if you think the title of the bottom photo is silly take a look at the barren hills of the background. e-burg lives off of grass. no, the residents are not just cows and horses.
this is along a road that takes you to the trail head of one of the trails up the manastash ridge.
i don't know why this post now since i have a s&%$load of e-burg scenery already in for (and on) the blog.
oh, i am glad to be back. washington lives on!

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