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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

for the photo beginnings!

hanging out with friends

clothes pins remind my of my photo beginnings when i was looking impatiently for stuff around the house to photograph so that i could quickly develop the film and finally make prints.

my (undisguised photo) friend showed me the other day someone else's beginnings in photography - she took pictures of clothes pins on a balcony. with those pictures hovering in my mind for days i had to get that out this way. to the photo-beginnings!

ok. blah, blah, but what was under there (under-where, one may ask!),  the other day when i was hunting around with the digital artillery?


wet still-life under the clothes pins

aha! a geranium has snuck in. soon, we might have a geranium vs beach stumps competition here on our hands.

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