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Friday, July 30, 2010

rainier slopes, part deux

not much left to add to the previous post but a few more photos.

climbers relaxing before going to bed in late afternoon to rest before attempting to reach the summit.

climbers and their tents all set up for an early check in. most of them will wake up between midnight and 2 am next day and start climbing the trail marked by the lone person and try to reach the summit of just a few meters short of 4.4 km (14,411 feet).

katie and justin's home for the night. they reached the summit at dawn greeted by over-50-km/h (50 mph) wind gusts. photo by tina.

tina posing in front of ranger station.

descending, tina turns around to reenact the creek crossing on our descent to the parking lot.

still descending, tina balances out the composition against mt. st. helens.

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