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Thursday, October 7, 2010


another auto-portrait.

the artist looking into the sun. title:mandog

i was antsy (imo crve u guzici) to finish this role of reala lit by the most recent photo-acquisition: a 50mm lens. on a technical note, reala doesn't play ball when being scanned. luckily, the photo ended up being b&w-ed. a roll of reala is one of the most expensive, well-received negatives to expose ($4.50 a pop) and all i have to say is that i must have been doing something wrong. or need a better scanner. a roll of 'cosco' fuji (under $2) seeems to do just fine (better). fuji recently discontinued reala.
to stay on the boring note, this photo was taken at a manastash ridge trail head not far from the slightly newer post.

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