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Thursday, October 28, 2010

a late august hike, part deux

bulling people into getting photographed is not a way to go.
i liked how the rocks were nice enough to provide decent framing for the shot so i corralled enthusiastically the group into the frame. knowing we had to move fast, it had started drizzling heavier and we'd just started out our hike, i went way too croatian on the group. distracted by the restless dogs and little confused and threatened by my unassuming $1.49 camera the group lost the grip on the photo op. so i squandered the miniscule credibility and influence i had gathered for that moment and, consequently, missed the intended shot.
in hindsight, it is unusual to capture a shot like this where all the people, including dogs, are looking away form the camera; there's just no contact with the viewer. try to orchestrate that! yes, my glass is half-full.

things picked up later and i remember how much i enjoyed the vista form the trail.
somewhere nw of rosyln, wa.

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