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Monday, October 11, 2010

bashing reala

perhaps i have insinuated that reala is too expensive for what it does: awaits passively to be exposed properly. and then it gets bathed, dried and scanned thusly. and archived so it can be mistakenly lost in a shoebox.
well, i might have been too harsh and hurt film's feelings. they are still making film for us, you know. thank you some corporations.

faux infra-red, thorp lake, wa

if you think the contrast is a bit too much i will have to concede the point. artistically. i bet you only photographers will complain about too much sharpness. everyone loves sharpness. sharpness is like ice-cream served with pie. you don't really need it to enjoy the pie but while threre's the pie...sprinkle some sugar over it too!

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