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Friday, September 24, 2010

and with the other friend

hrvoje likes this one. he says the photo tells a story. i think he just wants to be on the blog again. shamelessly.

umjetnik 'rvacke magle na utabanom putu ka planinarskom domu na jankovcu

thanks to you, my stay in the homeland landed me some decent snaps outside my parents' backyard. 
my other friend, featured in the earlier post, when to be photographed would utter:"e de ivo nemoj me sad!"

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  1. ju velkam. jea, aj lajk dis uan, bat der is nou stori. ic rimajnder. tu mi. aj forgat olmost ol of maj foto staf in da kar. keriing dzast nikon end "da kompakt". aj vont ju tu sut mi vit ol of maj ekvipment. vit "da kompakt" in d forgraund ;D