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Friday, September 24, 2010

what's my carbon footprint?

somewhere during my latest trip i was pondering this fact, at the time without any concrete numbers attached:

- from e-burg to philly by car ~ 4,350 km / 2,700 milesin4 days
- from philly to frankfurt by plane ~ 6,350 km / just short of 4,000 milesunder7.5 hours
- from frankfurt to zagreb by plane ~    730 km / 450 miles under1.5 hours
- from zagreb to slav. brod by bus ~    200 km / 124 milesabout2 hours

there have been rides to philly airport, from pleso to the "glavni" bus stop, and from the bus stop in slav. brod to podvinje, all estimated to be some 30 km (~20 miles).
so deliberately allowing for rounding with abandon and other measuring errors i covered 11,660 km (7,245 miles) in 5 days. that is about 1000 km short of the earth's average diameter. and slightly shorter of one third (1/3) of the earth's circumference. i should have tried harder.
was it worth it? find it in the blog posts...
and count in the return trip.

mladen in an opening in the forest looking out at a small corn field wrapped in fog. brodsko brdo.
published without mladen's permission. i didn't even ask him. it's public grounds, and so it's open photo-waters. he owes me a mikado for being a celebrity here on the blog anyway! just all the girls that have been asking me for his cell #! and all the mikado of his i have already eaten!

photo captured on my cell phone. it signifies my photo-laziness. all the money spent on slr lenses left at home. i need to spend more money on a cell phone camera. obviously.