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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

irene r. park, e-burg

this is such a lovely backyard park here. a good friend really. second photo from the top in this older post was taken in the fall from the parking lot. i have taken some of my eeriest photos there. let's see why.

well, let's not over analyze things here. that tree permanently bent from e-burg famous summer gusts and the unattended volleyball net do it for me here. the hanging gray tones contribute to the overall down tone.

there is not much color enhancement here (you might not even notice it on your crappy monitor). the low, setting sun here, passing through the mostly haze-free e-burg air does the job for a photographer. the fence (also shown in the above photo just at the foot of the tree) is a windbreaker for the yes-i-can-grill-anywhere oriented.  that stain by the fence is calling for a chalk person outlined on the pavement. over-the-fence  peeking tree, the grill and the overall low-key tone of the scene complete the job.

even an innocent, beautiful, man's best friend can contribute to the theme of the post. in the overall hanging atmosphere, the dog caught mid-air gallops along the edge of the lake, and on top of what resembles (in yours trully mind's eye) alien drawings in the sand, completes the mood.


  1. cudno, covjek svog najboljeg prijatelja drzi vani, na lancu , a najgoerg neprijatelja kraj sebe u krevetu...

  2. i put the above comment into the googletranslate and the translation was way scarier than my lightning quote could ever be. something about an enemy in the bed and some chains. i. am. afraid.

  3. i could write an essay on the explanation of joe's comment. or better yet a blog post.
    instead, i will try to be vague. what better way to explain someone else's thoughts!
    one can be mistaken about on which end one's best friend really is.

  4. but what if mans best friend is off the leash and free and the enemy in your bed is actually your best friend? then you have 2 best friends that are both free and happy :)

  5. then you are the luckiest dog in the whole world.