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Friday, August 13, 2010

finally a triathlon...

... in which i did not participate.
i was going to but failed to train (and someone else i know). so i took pictures. woohoo.
the olympic creed, according to me, is now: "[bla bla bla ...] but to take pictures." remember, you read it here first.
the triathlon, in addition to jazz in the valley and rodeo is the major event in my neck of the woods.
here are a few from the swim part.

the columbia river gorge is not at its most gorgeous here at vantage. the swimmers dipped in at 8:30 am. brrrrrrr! hrvoje said that the water seemed as teeming with piranhas.

piranhas chasing the rowing man. irrelevant, but i like how that northern most dude is diverging from the shortest path. for now.

piranhas up close. the dude in the red swim cap must be from a red state. i like how the swimmers are packed up almost on top of each other in the wide section of the river. washington rules.

one piranha breaks away from the school

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