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Monday, August 9, 2010

ramping it up

the photo quality of this blog has been decreasing steadily, last post notwithstanding. to alleviate the situation i reached for other people's photos. for this 50th post i proudly reproduce some of the work by hrvoje with which he finds himself not completely pleased. there you have it!

courtesy of hrvoje piha 2010

courtesy of hrvoje piha 2010

these two photographs feature a lovely series of birds in opposed tones amid different levels of water agitation. the photos are so elegant and deeply atmospheric that i missed their impact the first time i saw them agglomerated on the blog.
i believe both of these were taken by the river sava at some distance away form or just in slavonski brod. hrvoje, i should have asked you.
you should consider buying some of his photos now because he's not selling them. when he decides to the bargain will be over. i just want to help you. he is seeing slavonia. you should participate. help me help you.

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