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Friday, June 11, 2010

a relay race to tacoma

i raced again last weekend. from the foothills of mount rainier down to tacoma. i did not take any pictures, sadly. but i had a helluva good time! i ran 3 relay sections totaling ~ 26 km (~16 miles). that is a half marathon, beg your pardon. it should be noted that before 2 years ago i despised running. the pace was mediocre but i tried and learned i could do better. the rest of the team machine did even swell-er and we had fun. as simple as that.
i should have taken photos.
this is a photo blog not a board where i bore my already scarce audience-ship. but, a praise-worthy member of the team machine captured some video clips. justin. i will be posting some footage (how's that for a photo blog?) pending director's permission. stay tuned!
you know, i could have posted pics of some sushi and roasted potatoes or pics of old uptwon zagreb just to fix the post's picturelessness.

there were people who ran the whole length of the race alone...

you know, mt. rainier is a vulcano. and you know what, i want to climb that! while i am at it i want a billion dollars too. you better stay tuned!

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