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Friday, June 4, 2010

24h around the clock

another race for the team machine/team pbr. we (4 of us) attempted to race (relay) form noon to noon, non-stop. it went well until we stopped.i so wish i had taken photos during the night leg. it was spectacular to ride in the woods with LED lights on. it (riding in the dark through the woods) is too silly to do when you are not racing unless you know how to enjoy life. this is one of the reasons why competing is good.

the winning number (once the clocked-in times are subtracted from an arbitrarily large number) of the team machine. had i only spent north of $3000 for a better bike. shish, i would have nuked that trail! this way i was unfortunately limited by my own skill. so unfair. throwing money at the problem is how things get done in my book. that is why i don't own many books. so deep. deep-space-9 deep.

the awesomeness of this picture lies in the tasteful division down the vertical by the front runner trying to hop on his bike in the first lap. the loser divides himself from the people who would eventually win and the awaiting bikes/looking away audience. of course, i was unaware i'd like this photo and that it would turn out this way. i am celebrating a chance. this is because i hadn't thrown north of $7000 for a nikon. then i would have been celebrating the justification for wastefulness. ah, i'd be a super-awesome amateur!

yeah, two wheels are for losers. i passed this guy twice, on two (2) separate occasions (laps). i also passed bikers who went to pee in the woods and who had a flat or cramped out. i bet you this wheel costs more than my bike. i should throw money...on a bike...camera...lens. i would be so popular. with retailers.
you see those laughing guys in the audience. well, they wanna ride that wheel. oh right, they don't have the skill.
did i say how much i enjoyed the race? i did (enjoy).

this ain't no loser. this dude kicked ass and his teammates kicked some more of it. only did that child on top of his/her dad realize the might of those quads. the losers are looking for someone behind this dude to identify with. no, the audience, they are not losers. and i am not funny.

auto-portrait. taken on our camp ground. it's a good photo on a second look. when you look in it for things that aren't there. that's how you get good art. you heard it here first, folks!

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