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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

food. fairly older photos

after all the presented artwork such as kittens, zagreb in snow and people's mothers next to cars and cats it is time to crank it up a notch and dish out some edibles. no worries, pictures of old uptown zagreb will be back in no time.

this is my first produced sushi while in memphis. i do not remember the taste but i do remember how much my back hurt from being hunched down before the cutting board for hours.

there are some good things that came out of being in houston for a summer. i had the time to make and photograph this. it may sound silly but try to be hungry while spending about 20min making this and then looking for a camera, fiddling with the settings, framing the plate kneeling down assuring a stable stance. it's salmon, cheese, peppers, tomatos and cheese spread.

still from the times back in memphis. 3.3 Mpixel camera can still evoke the smell and taste of the regular saturday morning baking. i reused the rack, tho.

a typical croatian (slavonia) dish. oven-baked potato halves rubbed in salt and topped with pepperoni and bacon.

again slavonia dish - kiflice. stuffed with smoked cheese and ham. if you haven't tried these yet you better start meeting someone from the balkans who can cook.

ajmo cure, žene! kecelje na bokove i zasučite rukave! ništa ne poboljšava vezu/brak više od pogleda na partnera kako mijesi tjesto.

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  1. i would like some of those crackers please. i'm starving without you. hurry up and get to california!