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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

washington anniversaries

i entered the state of washington in april 2009 and took the shuttle out in may 2011. now, i want to revisit some of the earliest glory days of the two-year stay in one of the most beautiful states i have ever been to.
i won't repeat all of the blog with just the outtakes; a good portion of the blog is washington. beefing up the nostalgic undertones is easy; i don't have almost any photos* from my washington early days here.

this blog was born in april, just in-between the aforementioned anniversaries. the blog hasn't been timely lately and i've been driven to post photos that have a very strong chronological/diary theme, something i hadn't anticipate originally. to make a short paragraph shorter i will continue with the chronology heavy blog, future adventures permitting.

as you were.

while i am still harping in the key of the opening paragraph i will add that, while in croatia in the summer and early fall of 2011, i started a new photo blog - lito u kroejši 2011. what was missing from those pages were pictures from the adriatic. i regretted not going there. it was not too serious of regret because the croatian mainland summer had already been great, and in hindsight, greatly needed. this coming may i will have made a brief trip to croatia and visit the adriatic coast. so there's that too to blog about in may. i am anticipating a good deal of work already cut out for me. i am looking forward to procrastinating it.

back to the post of the day:
there are two scenes i remember well from my cross country trip last leg that started in salt lake city**. the long-winded and compacted snow banks off the highway separating it from the trees of the pine variety, starting somewhere in the northwestern idaho outside boise and ending before the columbia river gorge in northeast oregon. the other scene is the seemingly endless yakima, and finally the kittitas valleys; the end of a long drive.

i am opening the suite with a sequence of two photos that seem naive today. i started roaming washington with film loaded in tennessee***. i mounted my bike on top of my bike rack and drove out of e-burg to bike somewhere for a day. i was sure there would be bike trails somewhere out there. there most probably were some but i was struck in awe by the nature of the nature on the brink of entering spring. i spent the whole day by just pulling over and taking pictures. the only time i got my bike**** off the rack was for a brief ride to starbucks in some town before continuing to lake chelan.

with the bike suspended on the trunk of my car i am winding the film through the camera. that's all the action the bike experienced that day.

a washington orchard. where the apple magic happens. somewhere along a road to leavenworth

*there were some at some point on a different server that my brother stopped paying for
**i had spent the third day of the trip in salt lake city with my good and dear friends and continued rested on the fourth day
***yet to be treated properly on these pages
****during the cross-country trip i spent much time checking the rearview mirror if the bike was still on the rack and that the rack was still attached to the car, particularly while anticipating the next wind gust on the gently sloping planes of nebraska.

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