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Sunday, April 7, 2013

a sunday afternoon postcard from d.c.

i almost missed a fistful of first-hand snaps of the dc cherry blossoms. busy eating and hanging out with my dear dc people i felt recognizably lazy to head out back into the inner beltway traffic.

i've been encouraged by the fact that so many aimless photo expeditions i have undertaken ended up with photos i don't mind looking at more than once. there is always something out there that will resonate with my camera and that could've been captured with the one of the expensive and heavy lenses i had left at home.

the cold days had kept the blossoms away from the forecast peak week but the mall crowds were snatching snaps like there wasn't going to be any blossoms the day after tomorrow. i will not dare to look at anyone's photosteam from dc in the next couple of weeks. unless there is plenty of bokeh.

she has never been out on the mall but did glisten beautifully in my parents' yard and gladly made me happy again melting in my cherry-hungry mouth.

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