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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

against the wind

there were biking adventures.
the spring wind in the kittitas valley seemed brutal to my causal bike ridding intentions. the resentment was the strongest on open stretches on the outskirts of e-burg. on some rides i would plug my ears with headphones but the whistling of the wind would suppress the tunes in gusts. there was no headwind. it would blow from all the directions, mostly into my face.

i was already tired when i reached this farm so i got off the bike and rested a little. it was a bad idea to strap the camera over the shoulder - my ribcage didn't like the subtle camera swings while riding. it was demoralizing to jump back on the bike just to approach one of my steepest climbs of the day on umptanum rd. but the canyon surrounding the road reduced the wind significantly. i was thinking how outlaws would consider this stretch of the road as a good place to ambush a carriage hosting a rugged character and a pretty lady. the carriage would also be hosting a few railroad gold bricks. the coachman would curse at the horses and spit angrily the last mouthful of well-chewed tobacco.
my heart was beating loudly. the climb must be ending around this corner!

when the upslope leveled off i took a side dirt road and continued to suffer hopping over gravel. in about 15 min, tossed around by larger gravel, i made another photo stop.

the descent back was, i am sure, the fastest i ever experienced on a bike. the fast felt good.

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