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Saturday, September 1, 2012

yo-semite, day seven (7)

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we were scheduled to leave the cathedral lakes campsite after finishing a nice all-you-can-eat, face-stuffing pancake breakfast. i already packed up my speedos that had been drying in the moonlight. with the lightest backpacks of the week on our arced backs, we hit the jm trail towards tuolumne meadows.
the increase of incoming trail traffic was hard to ignore as well as the 1st-world use of deodorant concealing a few shy drops of weekend sweat. it is a popular trail since an eager hiker can reach the lakes in just several hours from the trailhead by the major park road. and the parking lot at the trailhead was overflowing. another thing overflowing was our joy over a surprise cooler of cold beer. the guides knew how to top off the hiking experience. and it was an experience indeed.

nothing more photographically appropriate than finishing an expedition of this caliber with a 2mp cellphone shot. a little bit of el capitan and a little bit of half dome farther east across the valley.

a view of the yosemite valley from a parking lot.

and if asked what i cherish the most from the hike, my answer would be, omg, those trader joe's sesame sticks the guides introduced me to on the third day of the hike, just spectacular, crack-like little treats!!


  1. i nevidje ja anselove slapove.... ccccc!

  2. ajd, ajd, 21. IX će izać jedna njegova konjska, mmmdobro magareća, reklobise.