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Sunday, August 26, 2012

yo-semite, day one (1)

sans brushing my teeth i rushed tina to get ready quicker so we could descend the staircase and have our bacon and eggs breakfast on the first day of our yosemite adventure of the hiking kind. we were still in the hotel room.
with bacon safely lodged in our bellies we joined the hiking group outside the hotel, climbed the shuttle and left fresno for a 3h ride to a trailhead located just outside the southern tip of the ansel adams wilderness. the bus ride tapered to a bumpy half-offroad as the bigger rocks started to get in the way of the bus. "it's just the frame," calming words of the driver accompanied the smell of failing brakes.

we got our big, first-day-heavy backpacks on our ailing unprepared backs and had them adjusted from unbearably heavy to unbearably uncomfortable. there were only 7 days of walking left. i needed a bathroom break.

off we went and in less than a couple of hours our guides prepared us a yummy lunch, chicken stuffed croissants. we just entered the ansel adams wilderness and readily over-replenished the lost calories. right after the chicken we were instructed how to deduce in the wild. i wished i had been reminded of this before having the chicken. we were told there was plenty of t.p. and i grabbed one more croissant.

a few hours later and we reached our night-1 camp site at cora lakes. i was ready to take pictures. i'd eaten and deduced before any of that aforementioned business. i knew how to keep my priorities straight in the a.a. wilderness.

when the guides suggested we ought to jump in the lake i thought how adventurous of them to offer something like that and went off to look for another warm layer of clothing. before long i heard a few fellow hikers enjoying the water and the thought of just scolding them for having fun seemed unsatisfying. therefore i jumped in. out of the water the sun felt soothingly warm. dinner was about to be served.

hearing the crackling of the nearby camp fire made me feel colder while i was fiddling with the camera on the tripod. the moon was about 6 days short of being full. the moonlight overwhelmed the cloudless skies and there was plenty of contrast for the autofocus to lock on.
that night my sleeping pad went flat in a few hours but i barely felt the unevenness of the granite floor. what also went ways towards flat that night was my only camera battery.

a fellow hiker on his/her way to deduce in the wilderness

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