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Friday, August 31, 2012

yo-semite, day six (6)

i think this was the most photogenic day of the hike. as reflective about the hike as i might have been that day, i don't think i have many words left for today's post. i do have several photos for now and several more left for later when the nostalgia goes over the threshold.
we are on the john muir trail leading out to cathedral lakes, our final campsite.

aaaaand we are there.
after we set up the campsite some of us went swimming in the upper cathedral lake. the water wasn't cold. it was just accumulated snowmelt where the pre-sunrise temperatures at the end of august sit around few degrees above freezing. there, i learned the context of the word invigorating.

tina turns her back to the upper and contemplates the depths of the lower cathedral lake.

the sun was setting down and my excitement was growing with the impending dinner. it was the time to feel smarter about hauling a tripod the whole hike so i set it up and snapped several mb of pictures. i hadn't used the tripod since our first campsite where i set a few longer exposures and cut the battery life by almost a third. now, i was watching over the blinking battery indicator as distressed as i'd be when evaluating the urgency of the yellow low-fuel dashboard indicator. i had forgotten to empathize with the electrons which crash their cold nights sleeping bags as forcefully as i do. but unlike me some of them didn't make it for breakfast.

evening twilight keeps a cathedral lake peak aglow

campsite preparation before gathering for the moonrise

a view of the upper cathedral lake

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