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Monday, July 18, 2011

rainier, artsy-fartsy, ii

well, the fourth post on mt. rainier! but do you know how many volcanoes there are in the cascades? ok then.
these are from as we descended the thing.

i am happy how the tones of the landscape are captured in the photo. as wonderful as digital is, i am even more impressed when the tonal range recorded turns out to be this sweet. i am compelled to go on about this photo but we can just enjoy it instead.
mt. adams in the horizon.

as empty as it may seem i like the abstract feel of this snap.

prepared a little less than a year ago, today we celebrate this july post in the month mt. rainier let us stroll up and down its mighty slopes. 


  1. is that little dot me running away up the mountain?

  2. si, it is you, an anonymous :).