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Monday, July 25, 2011

obx as pointed out by tina

i am glad i didn't include this photo in the opening series of the obx photos. it deserves a separate post as much as tina deserves kudos. we were strolling down the beach content to be walking down the wind when she turned left with her finger pointed in the direction of the bird on the dune fence. why don't you take a picture of that? isn't that what you are keen on with the bird opposing the tooth-saw fence?*
some people don't need a camera to be good photographers.
if i only bought you a dslr.

bird on a dune fence, in-between wires, obx, nc

photo taken with a dried-out-cat-pee coated pre-IS canon elph/ixus.

*not her actual words.


  1. ha ha! you're right, i never say keen. but i might after hanging out with british ben for a few years! also, hilarious description of the camera you used to take the photo! you know why my cat peed on it right? he hated texas so he jumped into my box of important stuff and peed in it. he said it was an honest mistake, he thought it was his litter box, but i know better :)

  2. i wonder where i'll pee when i'm in texas.

  3. L.O.L hopefully you'll remember to use the big boy toilet.