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Friday, March 25, 2011


clearly, we inhaled deeply with our cheeks plump from fake-holding our breaths as we were about to plunge under the waters of the chesapeake bay in the comfort of our car.
tina and i went to the outer banks one weekend. obx is a very long pile of sand off the coast of north carolina. the barrier islands' piled-up sand is so arranged that i begin to understand why people turn to deep love and respect for nature. man decided not not to throw in the towel yet built the chesapeake bay bridge-tunnel that dips underwater at two places where drivers and passengers pass underneath a 30 m high column of the atlantic water. so you travel along highway 13 from virginia to north carolina. unless you are going the other way. faster.
packed with admiration and respect i looked about the car for a snack. i stretched freely in the passenger seat. bodhi changed position tucked away in her motor-home on the back seat.
(map bridge!)
(map obx!)

i wonder if man has enough troubles to occupy his mind to walk the entire beach.
waves grind the sand.

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