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Friday, January 21, 2011

conqueror of indra has visited me...

...and not only allowed me to keep being the king of my house but also got me out of it past midnight on a sunday night (i guess that would be technically monday) to walk off a four-person pizza eaten in a snap, well of course, by the two. he also insisted on taking along his camera, despite my lax photographic urges. well, he would have carried it, so fine...

auto-portrait of two great minds (and one great body) reflecting in an e-burg shop window

indra flexes his legs while turning his back to the ominous light at the irene

truck passes in front of me while i'm busy re-framing the tree and the moon. exposure 1 second.

all three photos were taken hand-held. the lazy doesn't carry the tripod.
dude, we had such a good time! i would have never gone out at night to take these kind of photos. thanks man. come by again!

1 comment:

  1. ovako je to otkomentiro moj "tajanstveni" prijatelj:
    "Slike s Indrom, oces rec da ste bili u gradu, napili se kokakole, skoro vas zgazio kamion na putu kuci pjeskice i
    da ste sve vidili mutno i usporeno :D"