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Sunday, June 20, 2010

taking care of audience

i am fighting for every frickin' reader of these pages i can. one by one. and these are my friends. so now i have to feature some of them, unwillingly, lowering my already low aesthetic bar, just to get them to visit.
my dear indra has complained that there aren't many photos besides potatoes from houston (where we both spent that summer) that he finds interesting here to glance over. so i had to budge.
you visited me for thanksgiving last year my dear friend. thank you. come again!

by the yakima river. this is a neat photo, you are grateful, right?

shish, what are you aiming here at? those rocks in shallow waters? is this where our days spent at the starbucks discussing art and technique have gone into?(columbia river '09)

ok, so you are not taller than the baby-tree? oh, right, i took this photo! it's very......nice!? (houston, '08)

now i present you this photo-ergonomics how-not-to. everythin' wrong!!! listen!!! and using a non-canon lens? i do not approve!
but this dude here has grown from your run-of-the-mill shutter bug into a thoughtful photographer! good job man!

oh, he,he. zucker kommt am end.

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