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Thursday, November 11, 2010

the columbia river

my mac hard disk failed recently and i lost a little portion of important data. what did i do to honor the mishap? i bought an unrelated apple product. if this isn't brand loyalty i don't know what is.

digitalnih slika s mog nedavnog posjeta domaji više nema. šta je na blogu je to što je ostalo. šta je slikano filmom nije izgubljeno. neke slike više neću moći ponoviti. ono čemu se nadam je da ću moći bolje slike uslikati sljedeći puta. nove slike potiskuju tugu za izgubljenima. kao što nove napolitanke potiskuju u zaborav pojedene.

this little joyride was a fiasco unraveling. with all the knowledge and technology and i was still unable to find my destination. i had looked carefully at the map prior to the trip, brought hand-written directions, road map, had my phone, car gps, and a "clear" mental picture of how to get to this particular spot on the east bank of the columbia river, near vantage. after failing to find that x on the ground and loosing the light's photographic potential, i turned back to get a pizza and make the late sunday afternoon just a mild failure.
just before crossing the i-90 bridge over the columbia i stopped at the rest stop i usually avoid since i'd be coming from a longer trip and my current home, from this location, is only half hour away. and i snapped away these two scenes. glad i did.

bridge hiding behind the gorge

i like how the gorge faces itself across the river in two b&w tones. the spatial depth of the photo is so nicely produced by the full b&w tonal range.

disturbing the columbia

the same fixed telephoto. i always smile (on the inside) when photos are just created in front of me. i remember this eventually when i am lazy to leave the house thinking that the day doesn't look like it would let me capture anything interesting. the interesting is going on all the time. even when i am lazy and eating pizza.

these (original) photos are lost too.

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