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Friday, October 22, 2010

an unintended, leafy post

as some people liked the clothes pins and some the wet still-life. by people i mean my parents. no, no, just kidding, they don't go online. so some unspecified number of people (0< x < 4, where x = people) liked parts of that post. prompted, (trust me, something else would have anyway) i combine those two into the following photo i took on a sunny day with the aforementioned (below-mentioned) digital artillery.

clothes pins looking out for the leaf (ominously)
alternate title: clothes pins attempt at throwing a big shadow

signaling the arrival of the fall (for the "location" of the pun look up at the above photo)

i do like the abundance of green and the other only color, light brown, also hinted in the blurred green background. the top photo, on the other hand, frames a photo-fight where the light brown has won. oh, my!

sooo, the posts corralled here and there were taken on a 3x3m patio. coincidentally (occured to me while writing this), there is a national geographic photo-dude (photographer*) who wasted his education** on photographing stuff he'd frame in a cubic foot. he'd just place a cube frame someplace and shoot the shit out of it. well, i know my parents patio well. they say write what you know best***.

no leaves or clothes pins were rearranged in these photos. i am too lazy for that. if ain't there don't shoot it. you can quote me on that.

*David Liittschwager, NGM, February 2010.
**i don't know if this is true for a fact. in fact, i made it up.
***explains why this text reads so poorly.

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