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Sunday, July 18, 2010

grab bag

it's no secret i like multiple takes of the same subject. piling these up in a single post reduces their impact.  here is an attempt to counter the stale of repetition. to shallow-fy the depth of my style, i will have several post just like this one:  bodhi and the flower.

it is hard for me to take a satisfying picture of a flower. it's a difficult subject because it is both one of the most common  subjects and it's hard to break away form photographing just the simple prettiness of the flower. in other words, what's new in a photograph of a flower?
some photographers carry dew in a bottle. my drops are natural. organic. i went for a walk in the park after a brief rain.
i like the modest amount of the rain drops, the closed bud snuggling against the open one and the remains of the spider web on the leaves.

irene rinehart park, ellensburg, wa

yes, bodhi is such a great model in my photos. she makes them more dynamic than i could have ever taken them before. in this photo i like the balance of the elements beside the overall mood of the photo. the play of the coast line and the rock on the sides and the sun and bodhi on the vertical/diagonal of the photo. the dog-prints parallel the shore line and the horizon.  the rippled ocean interrupts the statics of the sky and the sand. i find subdued order and balance in images very pleasing. the absence of these elements in a great photo takes quite an imagination. i do strive every day...

trinidad, ca

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