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Thursday, May 13, 2010

trekking leavenworth trails

As breathtaking as the icicle ridge and 4th of july trails are both in beauty and difficulty, is the lack of my pics of the same caliber. but honestly, you've gotta be a really good photographer to frame in the beauty of the views.
tina and i lived through this last weekend to tell the tale. hiking, camping, hiking. sun, fun, happy.
an elevation gain of over 1.2 km for the second trail. the slope is south-facing so the snow line was somewhat higher than the snow line of the opposing ridge pictured in the panorama. the trail was spotted by snow patches at higher elevations. the snow patches eventually became too frequent and not so patchy at all. the trail invisible, we rested there and listened to the river flowing at the foothills of the ridge.
the ascent is steep so switchbacks abound.
i hope to post pictures of climbing a real dead volcano soon. as soon as i climb one. and live to photoshop it.

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