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Thursday, May 13, 2010

tina and bodhi on table mountain, ca

this should be the last dedicated post from the current chico series. it's not like there aren't any more dear photos, there is a ton, but i have to put a halt to it at some point. this doesn't feel to be that point though.

the blog could be easily renamed chico, ca. that is so because it was so much fun visiting and some photos partly captured the charm of the trip. i'll post some more before long. i hope that happens before another visit, otherwise, i will be renaming the blog for sure! unbearable...life is sooo hard. so good.

these photos are one of my favorite shots from the series. there is slightly more to them than to the rest. for me they stand out. i am not going to dwell on it but we identify more with a photo where there are people in it. add some dogs and bam!

pics approved by the master and dog.

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