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Thursday, September 4, 2014

one slalom gate

the trees are apart enough, right? i mean, there is a trail
running between them...they couldn't
have made a trail run
between way too
narrowly spaced
trees, right ?!?

scarred by passed biker's assumptions

upon an inspection by distance, i believe i will have a bike series here that i must link together:


  1. Ovo me podsjeca na crtice (katuns) di avijon, obvezatno dvokrilac prolijece izmedju drveca, i ostane brez krila. Bilo bi na primjer zgodno da si na ledjima nosio stativ il tak nest, pa da drvo kae: beciklo napred, ostali stoj! ;D

  2. samo što je ovdje beciklo stalo, a ja išo naprijed!