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Sunday, September 14, 2014

gateway to the rockies

one more time posting with delay pays off.
it's been a procrastination-rich process selecting the few blog-significant snaps to commemorate the trip to banff. even more difficult was choosing a snap for a follow-up post.
so what's been so difficult about it?
- mediocrity.
- of photos? - dog asks with disinterest.
- yes, bunch of "halved mountains" shots made the selection onerous.
- yawn.

bowing over the bow


  1. Najsara. Zakon mi je ovaj novi guglov bot test. Treba mi neko vrijeme da razmislim jesam robot il ne.

  2. misliš onaj kvizić prije no što ti da komentar ostavit? mislio sam da sam to davno bio isključio....bum provjeril.