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Saturday, October 12, 2013

sandwich mountain

the i-95 corridor is notorious for being one of the busiest in the country. as a critically thinking mind i had to be reminded of this fact personally, behind the wheel for the n-th time, where n > a; a = s*x; x is an unknown, and s is the stubbornness multiplicator.

the roads of new hampshire are vastly different from the ones i traveled in other states - watch-out-for-moose instead of watch-out-for-deer signs. that was mildly troubling since moose was sitting next to me on her carseat.

we were to arrive late. tina's apologetic phone call to the receptionist-a right before losing reception made the latter wait at the entrance to the camp where she was going to guide us safely to our secluded camp site several hours later.
with the camping gear out of the car tina was pondering a piece of manual guiding her to an erected tent. i supervised her efforts silently and nodded both approvingly and disapprovingly depending on what the situation on the ground called for. the light of an LED candle strapped to my forehead did not shimmer under the absence of nightly breeze.

i had thought of a campfire as an afterthought, something you were supposed to do because it was very camping-like but that night, going into the tent cooled by the mid-fall midnight, after spending a day in warm and drowsy car cabin changed my mind.
we were cold.
the next night i set up a camp fire to celebrate the appreciation and tina made long-lasting boiling tea.

dog helps clean the dishes hoping to kind us into letting her have a vestibule for the night

i woke up to the sound of light rain which, i had experienced before, can sound much more detrimental when laying in a tent reluctant to get up. except that it wasn't raining. it turned out to be autumn leaves landing gently on the roof of the tent. in fair numbers.
turning leaves were still stuck up in the trees waiting for their turn.

my photographic prowess visualizes a 50-inch curved tv on the blue tent wall

zapadnjački čardak sjevero-istoka mirno lebdi na vrh šume

tina found a neighboring sandwich mountain hike for us to conquer that day. it took some time to get to the trailhead. just lots-of-driving trip overall.
the trail almost immediately crossed a wide creek prompting us to consult the hiking map more than once.
this was my first hike where i had to scramble up some boulders just to stay on the trail.

a way to a sandwich

somewhere close to the summit we ended up engulfed in fog. with two running (we had more) gps units we were unsure if we'd reached the summit. never before had i doubted if i summited a hill without carrying a gps receiver.

here, tina is googling if there are any interesting lights to be found on top of the sandwich mountain. bodhi is waiting for the results of the search and is nudging tina to click on the 'shopping' link once the results have been fetched.


we ate sandwiches up there on the sandwich mountain and had nuts to spare.

i'd considered a different photo here but changed my mind at the end. i did that for the nature of changing leaves under the clouds here, and the line of sight i usually receive from behind an airplane window. as with most photos on the these pages it's the mementos that win me over. and i can start to forget the long drive back home where city trees were changing color too, just right outside the apartment.

i am glad i can't see my house from up here

do bears ever think about raking up all the leaves?

funny thing, i have more pictures up here than from any two days of the yosemite hike.

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