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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

yo-semite, day three (3)

rise and shine, it's day 3!
we crossed some streams, passed by some meadows, joyful spirits weighted down only by our backpacks. had it not been for our fancy gear and height we could've been easily mistaken for snowhite's dwarfs coming back from a good day in the diamond mine.

tina, fueled by the sun behind her back, x-countries a granite clearing on her imaginary skis

lunch hour by an infinity pond fed by a creek snaking over polished granite. peanut butter and jelly tortillas followed by my eyes closed and my back resting on the warm countertop-worthy outcrop. the ice-cold creek is cascading noisily over dropped granite blocks. the sky is high-altitude rich blue. i am barefoot. the naked feet reach for the creek.

just as we were setting up the camp tina got stung by a bee. compassionate as i was i grabbed my camera and followed her to the islet under the falls while keeping my distance from the victim at all times to achieve ngm impartiality in this documentary shot. tina recovered shortly after with no lasting injuries besides the water-boarding ones inflicted by the photographer.

as the twilight bows out, the sliver of the setting sun slapped over the ridge top slides into colder hues. i hear the crackling sounds of the camp fire and i head over there to listen to fellow hikers' past adventures highly augmented for dramatic purposes. i sip my tea and nod approvingly in disbelief.

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