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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

yo-semite, day four (4)

we headed out to the campsite sunrise. it will be our 2-day base of operations from which we'll hike out to half dome early next morning.

while the birds were chirping and the sun was warming me when it could see me in-between the trees, i was thinking i'd ought to start taking hiking notes, most likely in the tent at night. so far i'd been focused solely on keeping warm while throwing away the cozy layers before hitting the sleeping bag, and thinking about the cold on the sleepwalk towards the first sip of morning coffee. and today, still editing these lines in the cold february of the following year, these thoughts clearly resonate. i better start making things up.

walk in the park. trees and rocks pleasingly assorted against a backdrop of lakes and mountains for us to race through. just a normal day on the hike when one was bothered to unglue their eyes from the narrow trail and look left or right. a few more such scenes and trail-mix nuts would be offered as a snack.

a view of first half-rocks after a strenuous climb. it was strenuous since we'd had a sizable lunch just before the ascent. there wasn't much climbing left for the day and the rest of the hike on a gentle upslope through a burned forest seemed long enough to be remembered by the available lactic acid surplus.

a view from the tent innards. we kept the screen zipped up when not using it. neither of us wanted unwanted visitors at night. we speculated that a good night sleep was rarified enough to slip through the door mash. and so were my opinions on various topics ranging from irrelevant to absurd. tina had fun.

here i had some time to fire up the ipod and read a good few pages of treasure island (free download explains my choice) before feeling well-read for the year. the other option was pride and prejudice. the sun was several hours past high noon and it was very, very warm in the tent. i started to nap. the zipped screen let in sun-dried nap-mares and they forced me to visualize an ever-distant, yosemite-sque body of water.

a view (to kill for) from the open-walls lavatory slope

deducing in nature. it becomes clear why bodhi scouts a place to deduce in. it is the existential daily quest for that perfect spot while treading lightly. assuming you can extend it in this long into the day.

on a related note, it became very clear to me that photographing the park would be quite challenging. when exploring a city park i'm more focused since there is plenty of photo clutter i can mostly ignore. i just locate the closest bench and i'm good for the day. let alone photographing around my room and through a window. here, it was like choosing a book in a library, walking in undecided.


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