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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

onto niagara falls!

since it was raining on the day of our upstate new york camping trip we decided to go on a little drive. obviously, we didn't get enough of sitting in the car by driving from philly to up here. so we left our lake ontario camp site just to make several stops along the shores of the same.

my camera af is so fast* that even bodhi cannot keep up with it!

but, tina says, the niagara falls is only 15h** away from here, let's drive to the falls! and 30h*** later we examine some views around the falls. lots of foaming water and souvenir shops. i think it'd be nice to get a little eiffel tower. but i restrain myself. such strong will i have. i hug and congratulate myself. tina asks me if something is wrong.

the fall of niagara

* af was set on manual. i know what i'm doing. except when a chance helps me.
** writer - who is a man - perceives thusly any info uttered by women.
*** see ** and double it each time you read it.

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