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Saturday, June 9, 2012

upstate new york

rain drops start to hit the tent and pop like bubble wrap waking us up. we are considering sleeping in. not a good idea in a tent resting on concave ground. reluctant to go out, tina puts on her clothes and takes bodhi out on a walk. i continue on with considering.

still ripping over my head were the words tina uttered in the middle of the night:"it's 2:30 in the morning!!!" she was answering a rhetorical question of our chatty neighbors oblivious to other people sleeping needs. the camp site was one of the most cramped we had ever pitched our tent on. lake ontario surely is a great lake but its tent camp sites need a spacious texas hand.

good morning irbque! your flippy-flops are cold and wet and ready for you!

we walked a little concrete path past the bathrooms to the lake shore and saw a few of the rain-sprinked lovelies.

sit bodhi, sit! (jump bodhi, jump!)

(kaić na) lake ontario

as the rain marched on we decided to go on a little drive. and the drive brought us more photos. surprise!

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