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Monday, October 17, 2011

a snoqualmie-pass trail, second introduction

this has been the case for a while now; i am blog backlogged. i can immediately think of 10 other, worse things i could have been. i am not counting the photos i'd taken before i started photo-blogging. how important is this? it isn't. what's important is that this gorgeous hike was amped up by tina's visit while i was in e-burg.

the hike is one of my first hikes on a sun-less day. these hike types, i came to know, are as exciting as the ones tina and i did in the peak of summer traversing snow patches to reach the end of trail.

it's been a year since we hiked this little gem. i am planning a follow up post since there are some snow-melting shots i'd like to share. what really needs to be planned is a follow up hike.

superflous photo descriptions never bothered me here so i mince one again; there isn't an end to what washington keeps on disclosing to the curious eye and the connected soul even when you aren't there. i get to share that with that red smudge in the middle of it :D.
it's hard to visit you only.

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