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Thursday, March 17, 2011

two of the same from the same, different location

and other redundant, unnecessary, and boring information. (oh boy, don't you wanna just dig right into the post? don't answer, at least let me live in blissful ignorance!)

i was shooting away and had already had a decent photo day. i mean, photo things progressed well but i felt compelled to stop by some dry bush along the yakima river. it was/is winter, some snow, and very, very cold. i'd spend 5-10 min figuring out a frame and then would walk away briskly to warm up. so again, i stopped by this bush and decided to try to think harder, photographically. so as i was filling up the memory card with mbs of junk one of these snuck in. i tried different apertures but my default (f/3.5) for this lens worked "best" as to bring out the glitter rubbing off the aperture blades.

and at a different location/day knowing what i described above, i captured the photo below. however, here, instead of shooting in a sun reflection, i framed in the sun.
i don't see how else can you frame the sun. unless you call it a friend first.

note the location of the signature watermark. supremely awesome and rad! i am winning!


  1. pobjego ti histogram! kako si si si to dopustijo? ;D

  2. neš se o'ma mora reć: netko me ođe dobro poznaje. ja sam sve gledo utaj LCD i ta bijela fleka mi nikako nije pasala. sve sam ono kosio glavu i negodovo, pa de probaj zatvorit blendu pa skratit ekspoziciju pa sve tako dođe do 1/4000s i fotić dalje nedadnu. kako je bilo zima reko ja, me j"#$! ti taj poso, ajmo se mi grijat nazad ustan i malko tanko narezat. ima jos i vina i malo pogledat vjesti u rvackoj na interentu kako je tamo kriza pa onda neki film i bog te veseli...