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Sunday, November 28, 2010

two seasons on a faux light table

i have to drop the habit of naming places where my photos are taken and just say that most of them sit collectively within a 10 mile radius. there are exceptions. this post isn't one of 'them exceptions'.
shot through the same fence at the almost same location. make that radius 10 meters.

just before a manastash ridge trailhead. almost a diptych.

the glowing object in the window is a person.
it's one of the houses hiding in the bokeh in the "transparency" to the right. among many things that interconnect the "transparencies", the subtle one i like the most is the shadows cast from pictures' respective light sources.
the center of the circle changes though.

technical note:
the night shot was taken by a hand-held telephoto in almost pitch dark. a recommended exposure for a reasonably-sized print would be 1/250 s and shorter. i had to use about half a second. 'drive' was on continuous and i picked the least blurry take. i think the softness of the photo aids the mood.

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